The Game ft. Lil' Wayne - Red Nation by 파이조각♬

The Game ft. Lil' Wayne - Red Nation

Artist: Game
Title: Red Nation
Featuring: Lil' Wayne
Producer: Cool & Dre
Album: R.E.D. Album
Label: Black Wall Street/Aftermath/Geffen/Interscope
Twitter: Game on Twitter
Website: Game's Website
Download: The_Game_ft._Lil_Wayne_-_Red_Nation.mp3

If hip-hop gave Just Blaze grief over sampling Haddaway’s What Is Love then they should be raising pitchforks at Cool & Dre over Game‘s newest single, Red Nation, from the oft-delayed R.E.D Album. The initial high pitched synths from Zombie Nation’s Kernkraft 400 collide with Game’s trademark scruffy voice and the results are mixed, even though all of the ingredients should say this should be a no brainer; Lil Wayne’s name attached, top producers and a rejuvenated rapper should be a win, right? Well, sampling Jock Jams of all things may raise a few eyebrows, but hasn’t raising eyebrows been Game’s calling card since his scowl and Raiders hat hit the scene almost a eight years ago? True, Game does sound at home name dropping everything from Zab Judah to Dancing With the Stars, but when you’re overshadowed by a Weezy chorus, that might not be enough. While Red Nation does make a great reference to the blood gang migration to New York City, and will undoubtedly provide DJBooth Nation with plenty to debate, only time will tell if it finally gets Game’s fourth album a solid release date.

Contributed by Brando

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    개인적으로 케샤의 틱톡을 앨범도 나오기전에 여기서 듣고 좋아했었던 기억이 나네요. ^^.
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    정말최고네요 이방~~~//
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    이 포럼은 굉장합니다. 좋은 해설 모두
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